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Name: Elwood Blues Born in: Dwight, IL Birthdate: 12/6/1953 Eye Color: Blue Home Address: 1060 W. Addison, Chicago IL  Relatives: Jake Blues (brother) Distinguishing marks: Tattoo on right hand-- the letters "E-L-W-O", tattoo on left hand of the letters "O-D" Aliases used: Johnny Friendly



Raised at St. Helen of the Blessed Shroud orphanage in Calumet City, IL, Elwood, along with his brother Jake took an interest in blues music, where Elwood took up playing the harmonica. As an adult with Jake, they assembled a group of musicians to form the aptly named Blues Brothers Band. He sold his prize Cadillac to purchase a microphone, and had immeasurable amounts of traffic violations, despite being an expert driver, managing to do incredible feats with cars without wrecking them. Once Jake was released from the Joliet State Correctional facility for armed robbery, he and his brother visited the orphanage where they grew up to fulfill a promise to visit Sister Mary Stigmata (also known as "The Penguin), who, along with the maintenance man Curtis were the only real family the brothers had ever known. They learned that the place they had known for a large portion of their lives owed $5000 in back taxes to the state, and would be closed in a matter of days if not paid. Elwood and Jake subsequently made it their mission ("from God", as he frequently would say) to make the $5000 legitimately, and after re-assembling the band members managed to do just that with a major concert. Their efforts up until that point managed to attract the attention of the law, and they frequently had to slip from the grasp of apprehension. Elwood and Jake managed to outrun the entire Chicago Police force to arrive at the County Clerk's Assessor's Office in downtown Chicago to pay the orphanage's back taxes in time, only to be arrested a moment later. Once again, Jake, along with and Elwood and the band were incarcerated in Joliet, where Jake would never again leave from, dying within its walls.


Elwood would eventually be released 18 years later, and would often speak fondly of his only brother. Elwood again took up Sister Mary Stigmata's call to help raise money--this time for a children's hospital-- and once more re-formed the band to lead them on to a Battle of the Bands in New Orleans, dodging the law, a Russian mafia and another militant group to reach their destination.


Elwood enjoys his gig at The Album Station and definitely is one of the top ten Musicheads of all time. Of course, he is also a major Blueshead.

Contact Elwood via www.thebluesmobile.com 

Elwood Blues

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