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School Closings & Delays

Due to a series of events beyond his control, Earl found himself in a homeless shelter for a brief period of time. It could have been due to the phasing out of real live disc jockeys and the automation of overnight shifts at various corporately owned underground FM stations. It was during this time that he met up with the music director of The Album Station, which just happened to be in need of a highly professional night jock. (It is rumored that she fell for his smooth demeanor and irresistable purr.)


He was hired on the spot due to his impressive resume and winning personality.  Earl is affectionate but moody. He has been known to bite the heads off of unfortunate beings that catch him on one of his bad days. He also will periodically attack the security staff for no apparent reason.


When he is depressed or in need of "alone time", he will often retreat to the nearest closet to hide. The downside of this is that he will sometimes get locked in. As a matter of fact, he was just recently rescued from this predicament by fellow disc jockey, Chip Hobart.


Earl is passionate about the blues. The Blues and a small patch of catnip make him happy. However, if he becomes displeased with

the world situation, he will sometimes pace around on top of the broadcast board and inadvertently knock The Album Station off the air.

Earl's favorite bands are The Stray Cats, The Byrds, and the Black Crowes.His favorite artist is Cat Stevens.


His favorite tunes are Katmandu, Cat Scratch Fever, I Am the Cat by Jackson Browne and Cat's in the Cradle by Harry Chapin.


His favorite album of all time is Year of the Cat by Al Stewart.


Because of his small stature, pointy ears and elegant white whiskers, he is often mistaken for a cat!  You can hear Earl spin tunes between midnight and 6 AM.  


He says that The Album Station is the best station he has ever worked for because the benefits and salary are amazing!


He loves to get fan mail.


Drop Earl S. Robinson a line. 

Earl Smokey Robinson

Earl S. Robinson

Earl Smokey Robinson was born in the 20th century in Burlington, Vermont.  His early days were spent in a house filled with women and possibly wine and song. There was some travelling around that took place and a series of jobs at radio stations named after birds and rodents.....The Buzzard, the Crow, the Duck, the Rabbit (a hip hop station), the Squirrel, the Chipmunk, and the Yellow Bellied Sapsucker (WYBS).