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Jon:  I am glad that you are at least still streaming, as that is how we listen in Seward, Alaska


Tibbs:  I am a truck driver and found your station five years ago.  It is an absolute must-listen-to when I am in the Burlington area. I am so glad that you are live streaming so I can listen at home now.  This is by far the finest radio station I've listened to.  You explore all different venues of music, not just the crappy play list standards  Keep up the great work.  Thank you for providing such outstanding entertainment.


Johnny:  I just learned about you within the last couple of weeks. Thanks for the stream and the Great Music! Excellent! Please keep up the truly exceptional work!


Julie:  Greetings from Massachusetts--SO thrilled to find you streaming again!  Best programing available anywhere.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!


John:  Holy crap!  Al Stewart's "Roads to Moscow"!!!!!!!  The only other time I ever heard that on the radio was on WNEW-FM in NYC in 1973.  I still have the note I wrote to find out who it was and that song created a 40+ year love of Al's music.  You folks are the best, I stream you down here in NJ and tell everyone about you.  I just posted about you again on FB.  I'll be supporting you with $$$ too.  You are quite possibly the best radio station in the country. Can't imagine a better one.  You bring me back to the golden days on FM radio and WNEW-FM out of NYC.



Pete:  In my humble musical opinion, my ear tells me the two songs by Spirit and Led Zepplin  sound nearly identical.  Thanks for a great radio station.  My radios have been on one station for a long time.  No need to go to any other station.  You're doing the Champlain Valley a great service.  Thanks again!!


Josh: What a great surprise to check out the website and see that you are streaming online! Made my day. Best radio station I have ever come across!  


Maureen:  I am closing in on 70 years .  Your station has become my Numero Uno!  I am so happy the sound is coming in

stronger and cleaner .  The music is giving me that "really feeling alive" vibe. Keep on keeping on.


Tom: You guys are simply the best - but I'd check your settings on the 'random play' you must use at times.  I listen AN AWFUL LOT as I am retired now, & you seem to be the the 'John Hiatt' station at times, and also the 'Walk Me Out in the Morning Dew' (all versions) station as well.  Overall, nobody can touch you guys!


Richard: Thank you for being one of the last true free form album oriented radio stations on the planet.Been listening to the fine selection that you present to the airwaves since the inception of the station in 1999.So much so that I recently splurged and bought  a Rolls rack mount AM/FM tuner to enjoy ZXP with maximum fidelity.Keep up the great work.


Sean: Thank you so much for finally getting the stream going again! Im down here in Ct (I've spoken to both of you, Russ and Diane a few times each before when i've been up there) and to get to stream ZXP on my smartphone is the best thing ever! After growing up listening to the Wizard when they were still great in the late 80s/early 90s my favorite part of ZXP is hearing all the great songs the Wizard used to play and even WPLR down here used to that dont get touched anymore, like Red Skies by the Fixx or Making Plans for Nigel by XTC (and a million others). Heck it was even enjoyable hearing Luka by Suzanne Vega the other day (even though i'm prob good for a while again now haha.) Keep up the great work!


Steve:  Thrilled to have found BVT's BEST radio station, listening on-line from Rochester, MN!

The world of radio is a very, very, small world as many of you know. I know Chip Hobart knows that, for he is the one who directed me here. I was a fan of Chip's when he was at his last active rock stick in Mila-wau-KAY in the early 90's. Seems we know some of the same people scattered across this land, and wacky industry. Very talented & good hearted people I might add!

I wish I would have known of this station last Sept 2013 as my girlfriend & I attended our very first Grand Point North Festival on beautiful Lake Champlain, in Battery Park is it?  ~PRIMO~

I've seen Grace Potter & The Nocturnals perform 22x in the last 3 years, and I suspect I will return to BVT & GPN in the future.

I love your city!  Steve Richards  Rochester, MN  @trainwreckradio

NOTE: Jimmy Hendrix 'Band Of Gypsys' streams as I type......(my favorite hendrix album)


Woodchuck:  I am blown away ! You guys are streaming ! This is just awesome. Seems like you've had a slow rollout though. Heard nothing on air about this. Just went to your homepage and there it was, streaming ! Thanks so much guys you are number 1 on my favorites bar !!!!


The McElroy Bros: Hey Russ:  Great tunes and so glad you are still rocking the airwaves!!!! A request we hope you can conjure up "Can't You See Me Smilin" by yours truely The McElroy Bros. Brian and Bruce!!!! Stay true and Kick Ass as you have always done!!!!!


Mike:  Greetings... what a wonder to discover your station and imagine my surprise to realize that's the same Russ K. that I first met late at night at WRUV in 1974!! Anyhow.. I was wondering if it's possible to identify a song you played back on Feb 14th, just after 1pm? It was a jazz-rock-fusion-instrumental number that I loved but missed the specifics on. Any pointers are appreciated. Thanks much, and keep up the great work!


Paul:  Hey Album Station Folks.. I love radio thats local and unique.. glad to see you guys have a passion for what you do. I hope you can start streaming sometime soon so I can listen from Pennsylvania! Do you have any old or new Album Station stickers, pens, keychains, tshirts (Size XL ) or anything else with the station logo on it that you could spare and send to me in the mail? I'd love to add some stuff from your station to my collection;) I sent an email a week or two ago but never heard from anyone, so I thought I'd post here ;)  You can email me privately, [email protected]  Thanks.. Paul.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are not broadcasting on 97.9 FM right now.  However, all of our regular programming continues streaming on the Internet, which you can access right here.





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